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Venezuelan, born in London and educated in Rome with a degree from the Istituto Europeo di Design. My professional career spans over 30 years and has developed across two distinct yet intertwined verticals: graphic design and art.

My artwork combines elements of nature, typography, and textures,with thematic components, seeking to reclaim the iconography of contemporary life. I use plain colors and contrasting materials such as acrylics, metals, fabrics, and cotton paper, all cut and engraved with high precision instruments in order to create noble finishes. Furthermore, I use videos, movable interactive elements, and overprinting of figures and silhouettes to create tension and playful instability in the representation. Also, my work looks for gestural drawing: black ink on paper with digital interventions.

My artwork has been shown globally, both as solo exhibits and collectives and in art fairs in Miami, New York, Panama, Tokyo, Seoul, and in my hometown and residence, Caracas - Venezuela. 

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